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BizChoice Transportation


BizChoice Transportation is a Program Administrator with delegated Underwriting Authority. We specialize in building affinity programs for Third Party Logistics companies in the Last Mile Delivery and Trucking industries to provide an insurance solution for their independent contract carrier partners.



BizChoice Transportation specializes in creating comprehensive program solutions for Contact Carriers providing delivery services in the Last Mile and Trucking/Middle Mile segments of the transportation industry. BizChoice is a Program Administrator with delegated underwriting authority that can provide product offerings through direct or brokered service. We offer a complete commercial insurance program that includes Primary Auto Liability and Physical Damage, Cargo Legal Liability, Commercial General Liability, Excess/Umbrella Liability and work injury coverages (Occupational Accident and or/All States Workers Compensation).

Our AL, GL and Excess products are administered using our BizChoice Risk Purchasing Group which promotes group buying power for individually underwritten risks operating under contract with one of our approved aggregator logistics partners.

We evidence individual coverage by certificating insureds participating in our programs. Our programs offer affordable payment plans by way of settlement deduction of weekly premium. Insureds gain connection into our BizChoice Online technology portal which provides 24/7 ability of access to loss control services and additional business resources which can help keep our customers on the road to success.

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We offer a complete commercial insurance program that includes:

  • Auto Liability and physical damage
  • Cargo legal liability
    Commercial general liability
  • Excess/umbrella liability
  • Work injury coverages (OCAC and/or Workers Compensation)


222 Gateway Rd W,
Napa, CA 94558

Toll Free: (800) 852-1968
Fax: (707) 252-5905

Email: ReneeP@BizChoiceTransportation.com



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