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Finance and Accounting

With our industry and finance expertise, Specialty Program Group can help maximize partner growth through premium finance programs, KPIs, and data analytics, helping our partners view data as a business tool.

Financial Planning and Analysis

  • Collaboration with each SPG business to understand key and unique financial business drivers to incorporate into financial reporting and decision making.
  • Provide financial support to assess and provide feedback on key investment analysis on programs, resources, or strategies.
  • Platform of senior financial acumen to support each business and SPG overall, aligning reporting standards and benchmarks.

Accounting Services and Special Projects

  • Centralized back office accounting support, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and efficiency in transactional accounting processing.
  • Dedicated focus on staff for career growth and development.
  • Continuous improvement environment in process and delivery systems.

M&A Selection

  • Invest in Success – Target acquisitions that are best in class in their field of expertise providing them access to capital to continue to scale the business
  • Drive Growth – Track record of maximizing valuation opportunity for acquired businesses
  • Thoughtful Approach – Tailored acquisition and integration strategy to balance autonomy, brand independence, and resources
  • Resources – Best in class resources offered to our acquisitions including: Sales and Marketing, HR, Operations, Actuarial Support, Finance and Accounting



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